MindControl™ Development Training

MindControl™ Development Training


This enhanced eBook version of the MindControl™ Development Training is designed as a self-guided course to help you examine yourself, your actions, and show you how to live a better life. The MindControl™ Development Training includes downloadable tools and templates and guides you step-by-step, feeding your attention to only a few things at one time. The course is an essential building block, as it provides you the techniques for self-development while at the same time facilitating and creating fertile minds to implement other life lessons.


You will gain an understanding of what needs to be done, how to figure out what matters, and ways/tools to stay on track and you'll learn how to have a positive influence in your community. Investing in personal development is crucial to building the foundation for your future endeavors. The proper mindset will empower you to overcome the hurdles that may be encountered in the journey to greatness.


We hope you'll join us and look forward to working with you.

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  • If you'd like to purchase multiple copies of this eBook and its accompanying tools/templates to share with your team and to learn more about volume discounts for organizations, contact a.kesete@akdevmke.com.