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Meet The Founder



Born and raised in Eritrea, East Africa, Ms. Ariam Kesete came to the U.S. in 1997 and is the founder of AK Development. As a 4th generation entrepreneur, she tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit at a young age.

Today, she honors this spirit by supporting other entrepreneurs through the Ketem Community Incubator-- a virtual community designed to encourage, edify and empower entrepreneurs with online courses. She has worked with over 400 entrepreneurs through several entrepreneurship training programs that help companies get started, scale and access capital.

Ms. Kesete is also highly engaged as a mentor and investor for the University of Milwaukee - Lubar School of Business, Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO), group. As a serial entrepreneur herself, she, too, is supported by the ongoing guidance of trusted mentors. 

Damfe is an experienced project manager who leverages his brand strategy, consulting, technical writing, marketing, and communications background. He has worked with successful tech startups and real-estate companies with technology and product design expertise locally and internationally.

As a speaker, educator, and community contributor, he is also an active part of communities, helping African youths develop in-demand skills. 


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