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Solopreneurs, you're not alone.

Lately, quite a number of people are deviating into the solopreneurship and freelancer lifestyle. Can you blame them? If you’re a freelancer, you know that it is one of the most fun and rewarding career paths, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t like the typical corporate environment. 

In solopreneurship; you get to be your own boss, you get to control your time and resources and live at your own pace, you don’t take orders from anyone, and you do things when you want to do them. And you keep all the profit! Who doesn’t want that?

But because you’re the sole manager of your business, solopreneurship can get really tiring and frustrating. With just one person handling sales, marketing, public relations, customer service, etc., it is easy to get burned out. Sometimes, you just want a break, but you can’t have it because the business and your livelihood depend on you. 

Solopreneurship is a career path that comes with its own peculiarities, so almost all solopreneurs face similar struggles. In the midst of the struggle, it can be difficult to see how it will all be worthwhile in the end. 

That’s why we’re sharing the following stories with you, so that you know that you’re not alone and that there are so many opportunities and successes ahead for you. With the following examples, we want you to know that daily bits of hard work and innovation will cumulate to a lifetime of success. 

1.  Haley Hoffman Smith

This 26-year-old model, singer, coach, and influencer started out as someone who didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. But when she was about to enter college, she understood that there were some things that weren’t for her.

She moved on to do ground-breaking things in college and wrote a best-selling book that was published right after her graduation. She began her speaking career shortly after, and this led her to quit her first job at a startup. But after the brief popularity fizzled out, she found herself stuck again. After a clarity session, she moved on to freelance writing and started her own copywriting agency.

Everything became better for her from there. She began to share her story on social media, which got her a huge following. She then moved to explore a vast range of career opportunities and now has her own community, which she coaches and tutors and shares her journey with. Furthermore, she’s actively doing everything she’s truly passionate about. Everything that happened brought her to this place, where she gets to do work she loves and impact thousands of people. 

2.  Jacklyn Johnson

 She is a 37-year-old entrepreneur and mogul named to Forbes’ list of “30 under 30” in 2015. Who would’ve guessed that a couple of years ago, she was unemployed and stranded in a new city? 

Shortly after fter she was transferred to another branch of her pioneer job, she was laid off. But because she had a non-breakable spirit, she went on to start blogging, which brought her into the limelight. After she was offered a corporate job, which she rejected, she instead offered her agency, which was nonexistent at the time, and went on to create one. According to her, the move was born of her confidence in herself to keep her promises. She ran her first business, “No Subject,” on her own, and with the proceeds she funded a conference to bring Women like her together. 

With tenacity and staying power, Jacklyn built and sold the business, increased her net worth, and went ahead to start other brands and host notable people at her conferences. She is now one of the most reputable female entrepreneurs and is helping other women become just as successful. 

3.  Farnoosh Torabi

She was once a typical young adult with college loans and debt hanging around her neck and is now a best-selling author, speaker, coach, and journalist. 

Farnoosh is a typical example of a woman who turned her pain into something that would help others and build her career. After struggling with bad debt, she slowly began to find her footing. Then she recognized that a lot of vital financial information was not available to young adults like herself, so she began to write about it. This led her to write her first book on financial independence, which launched her into a beautiful speaking and coaching career. 

She has since been growing with her audience as she helps them discover different ways to deal with their financial issues and have a better life. 

4.  Alex Trochut

Alex Trochut is a successful graphics designer in New York City. With his passion for design from a very young age, he went to a design school in Barcelona and worked with a few studios before starting his freelance graphic design career for people online. 

Alex continued to push his way up the ladder until he decided to move permanently to New York City. This move opened doors for him and gave him a lot more exposure. He now works with huge brands, travels the world, and tells stories through his design and typography. He has built a vastly successful career from the comfort of his home in Greenpoint.

These people are either solopreneurs or started as one, and they were able to push through the ruckus and make something of their lives. Some took a few years; some took longer. But they all ended up living the life of their dreams because they stayed on the path they wanted. 

So even when it gets tough or out of your control, don’t give up. Continue to learn, improve, and be confident in your ability to get where you want to go. Many times, it takes just one tipping point for everything to start flying. You have immense value to give to the world, and your dreams are valid. 

Take one step at a time, keep going towards your goals, and the sky is your starting point. 

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